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Virtual Roadshows

Dear partner,

We at GE international hope that you are staying safe and healthy during this recruiting season. We know that conducting business as usual has proven itself difficult during this current health crisis. However, we acknowledge the necessity of continuing to educate and meet new agents from around the world in addition to speaking with families and interested students. Although this situation is only temporary, much work needs to be done for the upcoming fall recruitment. For this reason, GE International is offering new opportunities for you to continue this important work.

GE International will be offering a series of online student webinars that provide you the opportunity to present your school to multiple families online as well as meet new agents in Europe, Latin America as well as Asia.

If you are interested in joining, please notify us as soon as possible! Thank you for your support and we wish a successful recruiting season!

Kind regards,
Paul Salazar COO, GE International

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Recent Webinar Opportunities

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Feb 2022 


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Available dates:

Feb 2022


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is there a cost for participating GE webinars?

We always strive to improve the events and their design, we aim to have better marketing and promotion activity before the events. We also aim to have fewer schools as to better highlight their programs and efforts in recruiting. The cost includes advertising on social media (facebook, instagram, google, etc.), blast email campaign about the schools and the event.

What is the cost for attending virtual roadshow?

Single event:1500 USD

Package price:3000 USD for two webinars,plus 1:1 meetings with students (probably 5-10 students).

Package price:4500 USD for three webinars,plus 1:1 meetings with students (probably 5-10 students).

How to talk about price with families?

In terms of price point, I would steer away from anything specific. I think it’s worth mentioning that due to location prices can be lower than the average. However, when it comes to specific tuition prices and discounts, that is a conversation normally the agent prefers to have between the school and GE.

How to answer students question about financial aid?

Excellent Example answer: The agency can guide you through the admissions process at our school and help you understand the scholarship opportunities at our school!  

How Many schools will attend the each webinar?

For each single webinar,  there will be 1-3 schools.

Is there a way to pay via credit card?

Yes, but 4% bank fee will be added.